WillPicI’m a brazilian from Belo Horizonte, a city placed among the mountains of Minas Gerais, and I come from a typical family with many siblings. Since early age I was always passioned about drawing and painting, and it didn’t take long for this passion to migrate toward comics as soon as I had my first experience with the Turma da Mônica and Disney magazines, and soon after that the horror graphic novels and Conan, Batman, Spider Man and everything else I could get my hands on.

My artistic learnings started as soon as I could grab a pencil, and I drew everything – and ON everything – I could. Despite not attending a art school when very young, I always studied the work and style of the artists that amazed me, and soon the storytelling techniques caught my interest and the desire to do comics was planted in a irreversible way.

However, in that time it was very difficult to work and live from comics in Brazil. There were not a lot of works published and, with a few exceptions, most were independent books. The professional comics artists were considered to be underground and working with it was nothing more than a hobby to me.

As I grew up and had contact with the work from great artist of that time, I started to learn the artistic and storytelling techniques that define me today, and I slowly started to get publicity and publishing work, that I did while studying Administration and worked in a regular job. But in time the illustration work became more and more demanding, to the point that it became my main occupation, and I started working as an illustrator full time, as well as giving up the Administration course and taking on Graphic Design and Fine Arts. I did a lot of works for newspapers and publicity companies, as well as book illustrations, but the passion for comics were always there.

Soon I got to know other artists, and we formed a Comics Artists Association in my town, and stated to do little stories as fanzines. My first contact with the international comics industry was in 1997, when the first Bienal Internacional de Quadrinhos (later
know as International Comics Festival – or FIQ in portuguese) took place my town, and I met artists like Luke Ross, Serpieri and Will Eisner. In the opportunity I got Eisner to look at my work, and his words were the trigger that reignite my desire in becoming a professional comic book artist. In no time I got in touch with Glass House Graphics, agency that represented me for many years. Through advices and countless tests and samples, my craft started to adequate to he american market, and I started to get small jobs for independent publishers.

My first considerable work came in 2001, as inker on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, for Dark Horse. I worked as an inker for a few years, and that helped me to learn several new techniques and study the style of some of the artist that I worked with. Soon after that I
got to meet artists such as Cliff Richards and Mike Deodato, that became great friends and important influences over my style. in 2004 I started getting the first pencil works, that I did at the same time I was inking other stuff, and as time passed I was getting more and more important work with the biggest publishers in the US.

Among the works I consider important in my career I can mention Freshmen (Image Comics); Red Sonja (Dynamite); Serenity, Conan, Kull, Angel & Faith (Dark Horse Comics); Outsiders, Teen Titans, Birds of Prey, Green Lantern, Sotormwatch, Nightwing, Action Comics (DC); Elektra, Emma Frost, She Hulk, Black Panther, Wolverine, X-23, Avengers, X-Men (Marvel); beside several other works in other publishers.

My main influences are Will Eisner, Frank Frazzetta, Mark Shultz, Norman Rockwell,Barry Smith, John Buscema, Joe Kubert, Neal Adams, Mike Deodato, among others.

After all those years working for the american market, my passion toward comics is still going stronger, I have several plans and still a long way to go in my comics career. I hope to take part in many adventures and to be able to nurture the dreams and fiction in the readers minds in Brazil and abroad and, who knows, someday I’ll have the certainty that I contributed positively to the growing of this art so fascinating and magic that is the world of comics.